Mike Tolland

Intro to Electron and Dot Net Core

This will be first project series where I will be developing an Web Application using Electron and Kestrel from dot net core. The goal of this project will be to create a self contained Electron App that can be used on any platform. Instead of using NodeJS to host the backend server it will be run via Kestrel command line application started by Electron.

The goals will be the following:

  1. Use a frameless Electron App to host the web application
  2. Have Electron start a dot net core command line app that will be an Kestrel web server
  3. Host the web app from Kestrel using static files
  4. Connect to Kestrel from web application using rest calls and websockets
  5. Close Electron App from web application
  6. Use Angular 2.0 Typescript
  7. Have it run on linux and windows without additional software dependencies

So those are my goals I will one by one check off those things and talk about how to develop and get all these pieces working. I am not sure yet if it will all work out but I am going to give it a shot. The next part in this series will be installing and creating a dot net core command line application.

This article is Part 1 in a 2-Part Series.

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